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Boost Your Curb Appeal with Our Services

Living in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), it is natural that the weather will impact your exterior surfaces. Whether your roof requires moss removal, your gutters need unclogging to withstand the rain, or your home siding needs to be restored to remove all of that 'green stuff,' you can count on Curb Appeal Pressure Washing to help.

Curb Appeal Pressure Washing provides professional pressure washing for your exterior surfaces in Portland and surrounding areas.


When it comes to the holiday season, we understand how busy the days become with much preparation and planning to make your home extra special. At NW Softwash we have designed a simple, stress-free, three-step process for our customers to have a first-class Christmas Light experience. You can leave it up to our skilled technicians to make your home shine without you stepping onto a ladder or untangling a big box of lights!

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