A Guide To Getting Ready For Your Scheduled Cleaning Service

General FAQs

  • Looking for a Cleaning Pro? Here's What to Consider:

    Before you hire someone, check they’re insured, bonded, and have worker’s compensation – you never know when accidents might happen. Dig into their reputation too; are they rated by the BBB? How do they stack up on Angie’s List? Ratings and reviews can tell you a lot about their track record.

  • Why Pick Us Over the Rest?

    It’s all in the details for us – from your first call or email, through our promise to get you an estimate within three days, to delivering top-notch quality work paired with exceptional customer service. We’re not satisfied until you’re beyond pleased with our work.

  • How Long Will the Clean-Up Take?

    Every job’s different. The time needed can vary based on the job’s size and how much grime we’re dealing with. Rest assured, our team doesn’t clock out until we’ve nailed the perfect clean.

  • Got Coverage?

    Absolutely. We’re covered with $2 million in liability and comprehensive workers’ compensation, so you can rest easy.

  • Can I See Some References?

    For sure! We’ve been rocking this business since 2021. Take a peek at our 5-star Google rating with over 80 reviews. Our customers’ feedback is our badge of honor.

  • Who’s Coming to My Home?

    Only the best. Our techs go through rigorous training on equipment use, safety, and customer service. They’re skilled, courteous, and treat your home with the utmost respect, as if it were their own.

  • Do You Need to Use My Water?

    Yes, we’ll need to hook up to an outside water source, like a spigot, to get the job done right.

  • What If It Pours on My Service Day?

    The weather can be fickle, so we make the call on the day. Our crew can handle a bit of rain, but if it’s looking too wild out there, we’ll be in touch to reschedule. Safety and quality are our priorities.

  • What If I Decide on Additional Cleaning Services Last Minute?

    We’re flexible and will do our best to accommodate on-the-spot requests, schedule permitting. If we can’t fit it in immediately, we’ll happily book a follow-up appointment.

House Washing FAQs

  • What's the deal with a house wash?

    Think of a house wash like a spa day for your home. We use a gentle method called soft washing, mixing just the right amount of low pressure with eco-friendly cleansers to kick dirt, mildew, algae, and other unwelcome guests off your home’s exterior.

  • Can you get rid of the green gunk on my siding?

    Absolutely, that green stuff making itself at home on your siding is actually algae, and it’s pretty common. Our soft wash process is a champ at safely wiping out algae, along with mold, dirt, and other nasties, leaving your siding looking fresh.

  • How often should I get my house washed?

    Once a year is your golden ticket to keeping the bad stuff at bay. Regular washes protect your home from the clingy algae, mold, and other contaminants that love your home’s exterior a little too much.

  • What's included in a house wash?

    We’re talking about giving the outside of your home a thorough cleanse, hitting not just the obvious spots but also those sneaky nooks and crannies where dirt and allergens like to throw secret parties. Our approach involves an eco-friendly detergent that works wonders with our soft wash system, ensuring a clean that’s tough on grime but gentle on your home’s paint and surfaces.

Roof Cleaning FAQs

  • What's the scoop on soft wash roof cleaning?

    Soft wash is our go-to for roof cleaning, meaning we say a big “no” to high pressure that could harm your shingles. Instead, we use roof-friendly detergents approved by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association, ensuring a clean that’s safe and effective.

  • Will a Low-Pressure Roof Wash Harm My Roof?

    Absolutely not. Our roof cleaning method is gentle, using less pressure than your garden hose, and instantly revitalizes your roof without any risk of damage.

  • Can you get rid of the moss on my roof?

    While we won’t physically scrape off the moss during our visit (that’s a bit harsh on your roof), our treatment does the next best thing. It attacks moss and lichens right at their roots, setting them up to bid farewell to your roof naturally over time.

  • How long before the moss takes the hint and leaves?

    The exit strategy for moss depends on how deeply it’s set up shop. Our treatment encourages it to detach naturally, but the timing can vary based on how cozy it’s gotten.

  • What about leaves and other stuff up there?

    Our main goal is to evict those harmful organisms growing on your roof, like algae and moss. This means we focus on treatments that help your roof stay healthy, rather than debris removal.

  • Why does my roof look like it has dark spots?

    Those dark streaks cramping your home’s style are usually algae, moss, lichen, and the like. Not only do they mess with your curb appeal, but they’re also not great for your roof’s health. Our soft wash method tackles these eyesores head-on, delivering results that not only look good immediately but also last.

Gutter Cleaning FAQs

  • Why is gutter cleaning a must?

    Super important! Gutters steer water away from your home to prevent damage. Neglect them, and you’re looking at rust, breakage, and costly replacements. Plus, clogged gutters can lead to ice dams in winter.

  • How often should I get my gutters cleaned?

    Aim for twice a year: once in early spring and again in early fall. This schedule helps keep your gutters functioning smoothly year-round.

  • Can you fix my gutters?

    We focus on cleaning and don’t do repairs. Keeping them clean can prevent a lot of the issues that require repairs, though.

  • What about installing gutter guards?

    Absolutely, we offer gutter guard installation with our own brand, ProGuard. They’re designed to be effective, affordable, and safe. Check out our services page for all the details on why they’re a great choice.

  • Do I need to be home for the cleaning?

    Not necessarily, unless we need access to certain areas or you have pets to secure. However, if you prefer to be there, we’re all for it.

  • What if it's raining on the day of my appointment?

    A little rain doesn’t stop us; we can handle getting wet. If there’s a serious downpour or lightning, though, we might need to reschedule or wait it out for safety.

  • Do you clean up after cleaning my gutters?

    Absolutely. We consider the job incomplete until we’ve cleared away any mess made during the cleaning process. Your property will be left neat and tidy.

  • Is there a warranty with your service?

    Yes, we offer peace of mind with a warranty that covers the first rainstorm or 14 days post-cleaning, whichever comes first, ensuring your gutters are in top shape.

Pressure Washing FAQs

  • Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing: What's the Difference?

    Soft washing uses gentle pressure and top-notch detergents to safely remove grime, while pressure washing blasts dirt away with high pressure, which can sometimes harm your home. We prefer soft washing for homes to avoid any damage.

  • Are All Pressure Washing Services the Same?

    Not even close. We focus on soft washing for homes to ensure no damage is done, using just enough pressure to cleanse without harm. For concrete, we might dial up the pressure, but always with care.

  • Handling Two-Story Homes?

    No ladder? No problem. Our equipment lets us reach up to three stories high, ensuring every part of your home gets the clean it deserves.

  • How Often Should My House Get Washed?

    For best results and to maintain your home’s exterior, we recommend a wash every one to two years. Ask us about regular maintenance options!

  • What About My Plants?

    Your greenery is safe with us. We’re careful to protect your plants, covering or constantly rinsing them throughout the washing process to prevent any damage.

  • Is Soft Washing Safe for Windows?

    Yes, it is. Our soft wash approach ensures that your windows and screens remain undamaged, thanks to the low pressure used.

  • Can Windows Be Cleaned During Pressure Washing?

    Indeed! It’s efficient to have your windows cleaned while we’re already on-site pressure washing your home. We’ll coordinate the tasks for smooth, simultaneous cleaning.

  • Does House Washing Include Gutters?

    The exterior of your gutters gets a facelift along with your house wash. If you’re looking for interior gutter cleaning, that’s available for an additional charge.

  • Do You Offer Package Deals?

    Absolutely. Whether it’s your house, driveway, or deck, we can bundle services into a custom package that fits your needs and budget. Just ask!

  • Can Old Oil Stains Be Removed?

    While we can’t promise miracles, our specialized detergents work hard to reduce or remove oil stains, significantly improving the appearance of your driveway or garage.

Based on 60 reviews
Kimberly Campbell
Kimberly Campbell
December 13, 2023
Michael did excellent work and went above and beyond. Great to work with. I will be hiring him again.
Daron Lapping
Daron Lapping
September 24, 2023
I don't have reviews from personal cleaning experience but I did meet him at the raceways in St. Helens Or yesterday. He is there sponsoring and helping out three local racers and he seems like a awesome guy! After reading his reviews I feel confident recommending him
Lana Miles
Lana Miles
September 24, 2023
Michael with Curb Appeal did an excellent job power washing our driveway. He is a perfectionist and really worked hard to make it look perfect. In fact, our 37 year old driveway looks brand new. We highly recommend him.
K'Lynn Gillihan
K'Lynn Gillihan
September 18, 2023
Friendly, informative, and responsive. Michael did a great job cleaning the roof and providing information after the job was completed.
Sarah Umberhandt
Sarah Umberhandt
September 14, 2023
I have a tricky roof and some hefty debris build up and Micheal did an excellent job. He also clearly communicated with me about costs, scheduling, and delivery issues so that I could make sure to plan for his arrival. Thank you, Micheal!!
Terry Zodrow
Terry Zodrow
August 24, 2023
Arrived on time. They did an excellent job and cleaned up around the house. A complete wash for painting. Got rid of the mold and mildew. Very careful when washing my cedar siding as you can damage if not done correctly. Truly a case of you get what you pay for.
Kathleen Gabriel
Kathleen Gabriel
August 21, 2023
Michael was friendly, communicative, and did a great job. Highly recommend.
Tawni Swanson
Tawni Swanson
August 10, 2023
Michael was very personable, great communicator, and thorough. I would recommend him to anyone/anytime!
Beverly Forney
Beverly Forney
July 31, 2023
After seeing Michael’s work in a FB post, I decided to contact him. I was expecting that he’d have to drive by and would ghost us like other people I contacted? He actually replied immediately; used Google Earth to view the size of what we needed done and in less than 30 minutes sent me a bid and a time this weekend he could get this all done. I was impressed! I was even more impressed by his diligence, attention to detail, and how he cleaned our concrete, and even got down and used a screw driver to dig dirt and moss out of the cracks. You will not be disappointed or short changed by Michael’s work. He’s the real deal!