A collage of photos with the roof being cleaned.


Your roof and gutters are two essential aspects of your home that protect you from outside elements. Two of our professional exterior services are roof moss removal and gutter cleaning. We have identified these two things to need regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and the protection of your home.


Leaves, sticks, and other pieces of debris naturally get lodged in your gutters. Over time, this builds up and can cause blockages for the rainwater, which can result in significant structural damage.

We will clean your gutters thoroughly, removing any leaves or other debris that have got stuck there. We flush out all of these materials from your gutters, and if your downspouts are clogged, we will take them off and clean them in there to ensure they are clean too.

A gutter that is on the side of a roof.
A black tarp covering the roof of a house.


With the amount of rainfall we receive here in Oregon, moss and mold growth is expected on your roof. If this is left unchecked, it can start to cause some issues, particularly if you notice black stuff on your roof, as this kind of algae can begin to damage your roof shingles.

We ensure your whole roof is wet when we begin your roof cleaning. We then saturate your entire roof with our liquid cleaning solution to remove moss, mold, and algae. We let this dwell for 20 minutes and use a soft bristle brush to remove anything larger than a dime. We then softwash your roof to clean it safely. If any small pieces of mold, moss, or algae remain, we will remove them using our zinc treatment, which helps to dislodge them. We offer a follow-up service at no extra charge after 2 to 4 weeks to ensure that all areas are clean from our zinc treatment, and we can provide more if necessary.